Please ensure you select the correct firmware for your model of AimCam.

1. Use must use a clear/formatted micro SD card to perform the update- If you want to save any files that are currently on your SD card, please save them to your computer now.

2. To download the latest firmware files click on the 'DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE' tab below, the files should begin to automatically download. To install your new firmware files please watch this short video- Installing your new firmware files




3. Make sure your AimCam is turned off. Now place your SD card into your AimCam and power on. The update should automatically begin, this is symbolised by your blue or red LED flashing several times then rapidly flashing for a few seconds. Your AimCam will then go into standby mode (still red LED) when the update is complete. The full update should take around 30 seconds.

4. Once the update has completed. You will need to remove the firmware files from your SD card otherwise the firmware will update every time you turn your AimCam on. To remove the files insert the SD card into your computer and reformat or select and delete the files.