+ When I change the video quality setting via the AimCam APP the APP and AimCam crash/lockup 

Your AimCam requires a simple firmware update to resolve this issue. Please see instruction on how to complete this update here- AimCam Firmware

+ My AimCam will only record for a short period of time before turning OFF and is not consistent with my APP record settings

Firstly, your AimCam should never turn off whilst recording unless your AimCam's battery is flat or your SD is full.

This fault is caused by a corrupt micro SD card. To resolve this fault you will need to format your micro SD card this can be done via your computer or in AimCam Live APP. 


+ When I power on my AimCam the power light (red) and WiFi (blue) both come on

Your WiFi should not automatically come on when powered up. This can be caused by corrupt or outdated firmware on your AimCam. 

To correct this you should perform a simple and quick AimCam firmware update. Please follow the link to the firmware download and instructions page- AimCam Firmware 


+ When I power ON my AimCam the blue WiFi light flashes and after several seconds the AimCam powers down

This could be caused by a several of issues-

1. AimCam battery is flat- Please fully charge your AimCam and try again.
2. You are using a micro SD card bigger than 32GB- AimCam can only support micro SD cards 2GB to 32GB.
3. Your SD card is full
4. Your micro SD card is corrupt and needs re-formatting.


+ When I power ON my AimCam the blue WiFi light is the only light on and I can not perform any other functions

This is a warning to indicate a PCB fault on your AimCam please contact to help diagnose the issue.


+ I can not connect my AimCam to the AimCam Live APP

Ensure you have a WiFi connection with your mobile device and your AimCam. Follow the connection instructions within the AimCam Live APP and/or watch this short video on how to connect your AimCam- Connection video


+ The audio I am recording is making a thudding sounding

This is due to the battery being at a constantly low level and the external powerbank is not recharging your AimCam quick enough. To fix this power your AimCam off and fully recharge.


+ My AimCam is getting warm when in use

This is completely normal like any other electrical device.If you feel your AimCam is getting dangerously hot turn it off immediately and contact AimCam at

+ I have forgotten my AimCam password

For security reasons please contact AimCam at We will require proof of purchase in order to help you resolve this issue.


+ My AimCam will not power on

Please make sure your AimCam has power if the problem persists please contact AimCam at


+ When I download my video to my Samsung phones memory there is no audio

For some reason, Samsungs media player does not support AimCams codec. We are currently working hard to resolve this.

You can resolve this by downloading the free APP VLC Player on your APP store. If you play your AimCam media through VLC your audio will be supported.

If you need further support please do not hesitate to drop us a message via the form below